Cultural Trip to Prague

0 David Gloucester

Here at Roßleben, we view cultural trips as an absolute imperative to learning. It is especially important for us to support this cultural learning in our overseas students. We believe that we must show the very best of German culture. We also take great interest in showcasing neighbouring countries. Most recently I had the great pleasure of accompanying our international students on a trip to Prague. It was a great pleasure for me to see our students exploring this wonderful city in a way pursuant to their own interests. During the trip, our overseas students shared their deep impressions of Prague. I hope that you enjoy reading their blogs. Naturally in the spirit of internationalism, I have encouraged them to write in their mother tongue. Having a diverse international student body as well as our native German students is remarkable. We are all the more enriched as a community by the presence of students from France, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, China and most recently Armenia.

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