Roßleben Relay

0 David Gloucester

The community of Roßleben have a special relationship with their historic surroundings. The timeless quality of the main cloister building serves as a continuing metaphor for continuity and consistency. Our students also act consistently with each other. They are tireless in support of each individual’s needs and ambitions. Last weekend was an apt example of our community spirit. Our inaugural Roßleben relay was a highly anticipated and hotly contested event. Teams consisting of all ages took part in Swimming, Cycling and Running. Our student teams were required to finish together, which added to the unifying nature of the event. It was delightful to have the very first trophy for the event created by a student from a stone originally from the school building. The stone was formerly discarded during renovation works and is now repurposed as a fitting arcane aide memoir to a special event.

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