Sweets, Sports and Music

0 David Gloucester

December is a busy month for all the members of the Roßleben school community. Last weekend the boarders had a busy time in a number of different ways. As residents of the school our boarders feel profoundly close to all the events of the school calendar. This past weekend was no exception. On Friday, we were delighted to prepare sweet seasonal treats for guests attending our traditional annual festive concert. We were also delighted to support our peers deliver a feast of polyphonic joy. Roßleben weekends are never complete without sport. On Friday evening we played basketball in our sports hall. All are welcome to play in our community, from the youngest to the oldest. As the winter evenings draw in, we Roßlebeners like to gather around a campfire to roast marshmallows and share stories. If we pause just a moment and gaze into the warm fire, we can no doubt feel that our forebears shared these happy times before us. For us Roßleben is a place of community in timeless continuity.

If you are passing by Roßleben on a winters evening, we like to think that you will always see a warm light and heart felt glow coming from our school.

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