Roßleben Rowing Returns

0 Theresa Zingel

Goals are what drive us!

There are few schools in Germany that can boast of having a rowing programme. Rowing is seen as more synonymous with elite British boarding schools and Universities. Our focus at Roßleben is to offer an elite educational experience for all our students. With this focus we are proud to announce that we have reprised the rowing programme that once flourished at our school.
In recent months our first crews have been forming. Due to the time of the year training is mostly conducted indoors. Learning and developing the physical acuity necessary to be successful at rowing is our primary focus during the winter period. So, what might you see at the boathouse during a typical training session. Students working on the two principal aspects of rowing in the foundation phase, ergometer and tank simulation. The ergometer develops fitness and supports the understanding of rowing movement. The tank allows students to develop their stroke technique in water. Certainly, you will also sense that the students are working in crews supporting each other through verbal and non-verbal communication. It is important to note that these communication skills are so very important in today’s demanding world.
Roßleben is extremely fortunate to have dedicated and high performing coaches, including past masters of the school, school parents, and the current Internatsleiter. Mr Gloucester who is leading the programme was a member of victorious crews at the University of Cambridge, as well as being an advisor to Olympic Rowing Federations. As a competitive rower he takes great pleasure in instructing, training, and rowing with the students. The tireless support of coaches such as Mr Trager is also greatly appreciated. Mr Trager is a former master of the school and multiple world champion rower himself. He brings a lifetime of rowing experience to our students. We are also delighted to have expert advice and support from current Olympic athletes and world-renowned coaches such as two-time Olympic gold medallist Alex Gregory, and former Cambridge coach Dan Janes. Roßleben rowing is also in regular communication with the world-famous Leander Club of which Mr Gloucester is a life member.
As always, we are very grateful for the support shown by our Roßleben families. A number of parents and family members have been in touch to offer opportunities for our rowers as well as donating to the programme. Last but not least our school has an ever-attentive mascot in the form of Mr Gloucester’s dog Violet!

In the new year we hope to take part in a series of competitions, building towards the lofty ambition of rowing in the Henley Royal Regatta. 
Mr Gloucester would like to extend a warm invitation and welcome to all the members of our Roßleben community who are interested in rowing. 

 See you on the water!

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