[your name] is my pet – Ergebnis aus dem Englischunterricht

0 Louay | Klasse 5

Write a story from the point of view of your pet. Write four parts about your pet’s day with you and your family.

Louay is my pet

Hello my name is Sars-Cov-19. I’m living in Germany. My brother in Covid-19 and Louay is my pet.
When Louay wakes up he looks in the microscope and he sees me. Then he gives me virus food.
In the morning Louay goes to school. He usually opens my cage. When he opens it I can see the
world. But the problem is when I’m free everyone has the Sars-Cov-19-virus. When Louay comes
back from school he says “Sars come!”
In the afternoon we play for one hour and then we go to virus school. Louay can’t come with me
because it’s to small. But because I’m the strongest virus I can make the school bigger. In the virus
school is every virus like Covid-19 and me. It’s fun in the school.
In the evenings Louay and his family are cooking. When it’s 7:30 pm they eat. Then they watch TV for
30 minutes. At 9 pm I’m sleeping with Louay. He is sleeping in my bed but I’m not coming too near to
him. I don’t want him to be ill.

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