Digitaler Content als Karrierekiller

0 Francis Retter

We were absolutely delighted to welcome Mr Christian Scherg, expert in reputation management and CEO of ‘Revolvermänner’ in Düsseldorf to deliver two fabulously informative talks on the topic of protecting our digital footprints. First up at 4pm was a session targeted specifically at pupils. A fully packed Klosterkirche proved to be an excellent venue – Mr Scherg kept us all on our toes, urging us to be fully aware of our use of social media, not only highlighting the dangers that can so easily affect us all in the future, but also highlighting the advantage of a well-maintained digital presence to help pupils attract the attention of future employers. 

Having thus educated the ‘digital natives’, after a short break for supper, it was time for the ‘digital immigrants’, this time in the Musikaula. The assembled parents, tutors and teachers were treated to an ultra-slick, informative hour and a half, leaving us informed, concerned, but confident in equal measure – the key message being that the important thing is to be aware of what our children are doing on the net and to discuss this with them. 

Our Head of Art, Harald Schluttig, kindly filmed the first talk and is planning to edit a version of the film, along with Mr Scherg’s powerpoints, which when ‘genehmigt’ by Mr Scherg himself will be available for staff, pupils and parents to view online – safely of course!

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